"You gotta give a little - take a little - let your heart laugh a little.

That's the glory of fun."

*** Fun Family Entertainment ***

*** Fun Family Entertainment ***

*** Fun Family Entertainment ****** Fun Family Entertainment ***

*** Fun Family Entertainment ***

*** Fun Family Entertainment ***

*** Fun Family Entertainment ****** Fun Family Entertainment ****** Fun Family Entertainment ***

"Your love for your music, combined with your love of making children smile are contagious to all who are around..."


"Your love for your music, combined with your love of making children smile are contagious to all who are around..."

"It's All About the Patrons"

Lively Fun entertainment (for all age groups)


- - -  Hello  - - - 

Being a very seasoned entertainer, singer and guitarist (and I finally done got me a grandpa look which sure did take some time to develop, but I think I've mastered it) I've come to having a most spontaneous style.

My performance is lively and is very, very audience engaging.

(approved by Hit Entertainment 

and all those

whom I've had the fun to perform for)


Festivals, amusement parks, concerts, campgrounds, colleges, parties, and festive-gatherings of all kinds, and all ages, have been my playing field for decades.

This includes opening for national acts to audiences of several thousands.

While I have here emphasized my family performance … I can and do gear my show to adult audiences such as car shows, colleges, etc.

and as well elderly festivities.

****************************************************    My family show  is geared for the children and the adults as well.

All will get to have lots of fun with my driving rhythmic style 

(some say it's contagious).

Patrons of all ages are invited up and can remain on stage with me

(and come up they do!).

A child (even adults) can get to sing a song or two, and if they have one, they can as well tell a joke to all.


I have two mics set-up and a new and excellent sound system. The one for me, and the other for those who come to the stage to do their own thing. It's always on, and it is always available to the patrons.

One of the things I love to see is the look on a parent's face when their child comes to this second mic while I'm yet in the middle of a song. Of course, they begin to tell their child to stop, so as not to interfere with the song I'm doing. How stunned and rather exhilarated they are when I turn to them, and say "It's ok."

"How can this man allow this?" 

(so they must be thinking)   

 As I continue on, I will then often point out to the audience that the child's part is as the "back-up singer". Backup? Ha!  Sometimes the child will get so involved he or she takes over the song!  

  (certainly to everyone's delight)      "And I love it!" 


So many percussion instruments  are provided for the patrons that just about everyone who wants to can play one ... or two ... or three: These include tambourines, bells, various maracas, washboards, bongos, drums of all kinds, accordions and, well of course, it would be incomplete without a large marching bass drum.


I've a good variety of tunes that includes some fun-time 50's rock'n'roll songs; just a bit of old-time country; some train songs; a few sing-a-longs, and classic children's tunes such as 'The Ants Go Marching' (along with a parade); 'If Your Happy and You Know It'; 'The Wheels On The Bus'; (and an occasional burst of bubbles from the bubble machine)

It's fun for all!  


I'm aware that I don't have the greatest image presented here in these photos ... nevertheless the enjoyment, intense participation, and fun of the audience,

both of the young and not so young,

 sure is evident in these photos.

After all is said and done, it's all about the patrons ... and I mean those of all ages, the parents, the grandparents, the brothers and the sisters, the aunts and the uncles, and especially the children,

and how they get to having

unbridled and spontaneous



There are no recorded or virtual instruments in my performance.

No drum machines or anything.

Just me and the audience.

It's all live!  It's all real!


Do anticipate a good time for the entire family with my show.  As one parent once said to me

"You're one of a kind."

(I suppose I am)

Along with everyone else

I have a ball performing as I do.

And to boot, I even get paid for it. "What a deal!"

I've got the best job in the world.


To think, I was once a chemical engineer, and would purchase 10,000 gallon glass-lined tanks, and 40 hp stainless steel pumps.

Now I buy  bells, drums, and tambourines.


Is she having fun or what?


Lots of photos follow

Scroll down to Photo Gallery


For Events of Any Size or Age

(excellent sound Bose L1 Systems)

Email or call me (no text):

(I'm happy with my flip-top phone)




(References available on request)

I have performed at the following Thomas events:

'Edaville Railroad' (10 yrs)

Carver, MA

'Fillmore & Western Railroad' (2yrs)

(Fillmore, CA)

'1880 Train'

(Black Hills, SD)

As well as at numerous festivals concerts, and colleges.


These quotes presented here are from the letters which are shown in the photo scroll:

"Ron is very talented and has a great voice that not only the children enjoy but also the adults. His shows were very interactive and always involved the audience. Ron was very easy to work with, and was completely self-contained. He was very helpful in the setup and planning of his show at our event."

"Ron gets everyone in the audience involved in his shows, with songs, instruments, and dancing. He is effective with both small and large crowds. Ron is a true professional, independent, and a self starter."

"I would like to take this time to thank you for your excellent contribution to the United Nations Festival."

"Should you ever find the need for such unique and enjoyable entertainment at the White House,

I can enthusiastically recommend Ron Bianco..." 

"You certainly get people of all ages involved in the performance. I think some of the adults had more fun in getting up to help you play in your 'band' than the children.

Thank you for getting so many people involved and smiling during the show."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful performance you shared with all of us. Once again you were a tremendous hit with the children and the adults. You truly feel like a friend after all these years."

"We enjoyed the talents of Ron Bianco. He has a wonderful way of getting the kids, and us Grammas, involved in his show. Our grandson walked up the stage and became an instant entertainer. I am glad I caught it on video."

And TheN ... ... ... and then along came Santa!


Yah never know when something spontaneous may happen

(as we then sang together)

'Jingle Bells'

(and of course)

'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town'

Needless to say, the children and their parents were absolutely


Also known as Ron Bianco's

Fun Family Entertainment Show



"His enthusiasm was contagious, and before they knew it, the [college] audience's inhibitions dissolved, and they were singing, clapping, and stomping their feet to Ron's infectious music."

"I would highly recommend Ron Bianco for a college event which calls for fun, audience participation, and enjoyment by everyone."

"You have a wonderful gift of bringing people together. We thank God, and we thank you."

"One of the best attractions was the entertainment on Friday evening, by a very talented, and versatile individual by the name of Ron Bianco...He is a true pro and if you are planning an event that you want livened up, have Ron Bianco on hand."

"The ages of my friends and family at the anniversary party ranged from 20 to 85 and we all had a grand time. He is a hoot, a real family entertainer ... with a surprisingly good voice ... ... and that human touch that makes you feel the show was customized for the guest of honor or that special occasion."

"People have called to say they really enjoyed the entertainment at 'Memory Walk' this year. We hope you'll keep us in mind for next year because we would love to have you come back to Roger Williams Park again."

"It doesn't get any better than the excitement and purity of a child's imagination coming to life ... thanks for being a part of making that happen."