Fun  Family  Entertainment
                  Fun  Family  Entertainment


Hello ... I'm casual in style
with a very lively performance
and am a very "seasoned" entertainer, singer
 Amusement parks, parties, and festive-gatherings of all kinds
have been my playing field for decades
Adults and children get to have lots of fun with my tunes and style
Children and adults are invited up and can remain on stage with me
and come they do! 
A child gets to sing a song, or two ... tell a joke,
and play the many percussion instruments provided;

these include bells, tambourines, maracas, washboards,
cymbals, bongos, accordions
a marching bass drum.
My repertoire includes some ole time folk classics
Fun 50's tunes (Buddy Holly, Elvis, and others)
Some old-time country (like Gene Autrey & Roger Miller)
Some train songs; some children's tunes
and sometimes lots of bubbles !

There are no recorded or "virtual" instruments in my playing
It's all live.  It's all real.
The audio recordings here are of live performances
If you will, take the time to listen to their endings
(especially the one on the photo page ... it's a riot)
Do expect a good time for all the family
I do enjoy playing and entertaining
and perhaps my enjoyment adds to theirs.
What a deal !

Ron Bianco Entertainment
Providence, RI & Wellsboro, Pa.
*Be glad to provide you with more specific information upon request.
*Artistic facepainting (for children) and washable tattoos (for adults/teenagers) also available.